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5 Day Digital Detox Guide

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

This is not a “big detox course” or anything like that, but it is an easy-to-read guide where you will find a way to do a sustainable digital detox that doesn’t affect your career or social life. I have included daily action steps that will help you prioritize the most important things.

If you go through the challenge, you will:

1. Feel more clear-headed

2. Get more energy

3. Experience better focus

The value of stillness in today’s world is underrated. It is simply astonishing how helpful it can be to unplug from the constant distractions we encounter online.

The big tech platforms have both a tool component to them and a drug component. To overcome the drug component that makes us addicted and waste a lot of time, we need conscious strategies.

5 Day Digital Detox Guide
Download PDF • 328KB

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