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Porn Addiction / Digital Minimalism

Zoom Coaching GMT+1

I provide a FREE 1-on-1 discovery call to help you find balance with your digital life! 


30 minutes


What The Clients Have to Say

"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself"   


After a few sessions with Havard, I was able to get an outside view looking in with helpful suggestions and experiences he has had to make me aware of my situation and how to improve upon them. It is important that we all strive to live our best lives by being accountable for our actions. However, it is very hard to get started and track our own progress. What was most useful was having to report back to Havard on what I discussed I was going to do. However, if you do fall off the track sometimes Havard is understanding and will give you a gentle nudge back on track. 


I recommend anyone needing guidance through this to contact Havard, it will be the best investment you've made for yourself.

- ZAC -

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